How Birt saved money

The argumentation of this dissertation that Lord Birt´s Producer Choice policy ought not to be blamed for the sale of TVC as a result of his policies is supported when Plunkett (2006) writes that the policy is 'yet another part of Lord Birt's legacy to be dismantled by his successors, Greg Dyke and Mark Thompson'. Clearly a policy that was so ruthlessly dismantled by not one but two DGs could not possibly have had much long-lasting effect in practice on the viability of TVC. The writer quotes Lord Birt's defence of the policy as having freed up 'tens of millions of pounds to be ploughed into new programming, by making BBC staff aware for the first time about the true cost of internal products and services'. The argument being defended in this dissertation by Lord Birt is important as he argues that a situation in which producers are using taxpayers money but unaware exactly how much at a time where the BBC is mandated by an Act of Parliament to prove it is giving 25% of its money to the private sector, is both unsustainable and indefensible.