McCann and the 50th anniversary

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McCann (2010) was designer and editor of a book which traces the history of the BBC since the commissioning of TVC through to its 50th anniversary. The book was published some three years after the BBC announced the sale yet there are no references to this (as far as I could find) in the book. Throughout the book there are many photographs of key events, programmes and famous faces from the BBC. It is essentially a pictorial in book form of all of those iconic images we all have in our minds when we think of TVC. McCann uses many examples and images from popular shows which were produced at TVC. The BBC history timeline at the back of the book and constant timeline throughout ensures the reader is informed about the programmes and celebrities making the biggest impact on the BBC for each time period. Whilst this book is more about the history of what went on inside TVC and the celebrities who worked there rather than TVC itself, I have found this resource very informative and it has many useful insights into people and their creations which have had the biggest impact on the viewing public. For this reason I would argue that as a researcher I find the book to be very useful to my research and filled with lots of key quotes and data that I can use when writing my dissertation(s) and future publications.