My philosophy as a researcher

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As a regular viewer of Blue Peter when I was a child in the 1980s, nothing could have prepared me for the thrill of walking past the Blue Peter garden and indeed the actual studios every morning on my way to classes when I was a student at University of Salford. I know MediaCity wasn´t the original home of the programme but it has been for the last decade or so and during my time at Salford it was nonetheless an out-of-this-world experience seeing it everyday. In fact the very first time I took my Dad to see MediaCity we ended up watching Hacker the dog filming one of his links for CBBC in the garden. One of the criticisms of Blue Peter in the past was that the programme only offered a very middle-class view of Britain where everything was rosy and the biggest concerns for children were whether to squeeze in piano recital before or after a trip to the museum. I never did see it this way. I´ve always thought of Blue Peter in a philosophical sense as wanting to portray the country and for that matter life, as how it could be, rather than how it is. I believe that television is supposed to be a platform for escapism and a method to forget our problems, not to remind us of how dreadful life often is. I think with the exception of the famous Blue Peter appeals, the programme did just that. It helped us to forget the trauma and often quite mundane nature of everyday life. Using this as a metaphor for my research on TVC and this blog, I hope to showcase the best of my findings in a way which offers a positive and inspirational outlook. I will leave the negative stuff (unless it directly relates to my research area) to someone else.