Original research topic and aims

The original purpose of my research was to get the personal insight of industry practitioners and anyone local who has a connection to or opinion on TVC and the aftermath of the sale. After my dissertation is completed, who knows? I think it would be nice if I could record and somehow publish these stories as a permanent reminder of what TVC was and continues to be. I think that lots of people simply have a story to tell. Some contributors to my research have mentioned the overlaps with architectural and social studies. They've asked me if my interest is with the building or the people. I guess it's both. The question from my questionnaire on the impact of TVC design on output, for example, goes to the heart of the 'purpose and function' of TVC. Was the building fit for purpose and if so, what was that purpose? Why did the BBC dispose of a building which was fit for purpose? Also, why is there such a contrast in style between TVC and what they built for Granada TV in Manchester?