Phase 2 of my research project

My original dissertation, with all of its strictness, will sadly be fed to the university essay repository known as Turnitin and probably never seen again. Due to privacy laws, the only way I will be able to publish the document in full is if I get written permission from every single contributor, which would be a Herculean task. In fact, many of those who declined to speak with me for this research did so on the grounds that they believed the ethical guidelines I was following were far too rigid and they made the process too anonymous. So I am confident there is a demand from those who wish to be heard, albeit in a much less formal environment. I hope that phase 2 of my research project (recording audio/video interviews) will be more appealing for those potential contributors. Finally, if by the 1990s approx. 6,000 people worked at TVC at any one time, there must have been thousands who worked there over the years and just as many who passed through the gates or who sat in Hammersmith Park wondering what was going on inside. Phillip Schofield can´t have been the only person who sat in that park eating his lunch. The potential for this research project is very encouraging.