The development of this blog

My plan for this blog is to avoid simply using it as a data dump. Whilst I have conducted an extensive literature review and of course my own primary research by interviewing those connected to TVC, I hope to use this blog to signpost the more interesting and fascinating information that I have discovered during my research in a targeted and orderly fashion. This blog is however intended to develop and grow over time and to be distinct from the first phase of my research study which began with my first degree at University of Salford´s MediaCity campus. It is my hope to use this blog to republish carefully selected excerpts from my submitted dissertation rather than just use this digital space to dump everything in one giant disorganised mess. In time and most probably after the lockdown ends I would like to begin phase 2 of my research project which includes setting-up a podcast or broadcast to begin recording brand new interviews with contributors to discuss the information or data I collected during my research back in 2020 before the lockdown.