The local community

The blog that I am setting-up to record my informal and non-academic musings is called and this will hopefully help to illustrate that my interest extends far beyond the building that was the physical and spiritual home for BBC TV, and includes the local community it sat in and continues to do so today. My research would not have been possible without help from those physically on the ground such as the staff at both the Wood Lane library and Imperial College. A complete list of credits will be added to the blog in the future. I also note how whilst many of those who have worked at TVC feel genuine anger at its demise, for others this is an opportunity for TVC to be reborn and repurposed for the benefit of the local community. For example, in existing literature, I've discovered that Tony Blackburn (Higham, 2011) describes the sale of TVC as a tragedy, whereas the Hammersmith and Fulham local council (2017) welcomes the fact that TVC is now in effect the home to ITV daytime programming.