The lack of rehearsal space

Whenever a programme would be filmed at or broadcast from TVC, you could be sure that dozens of hours had been spent beforehand in rehearsals, and the necessity for specially designated rehearsal space is explained by Hewett (2013 and 2017). The author presents the reader with an invaluable and comprehensive history of television performance and compares past practices with those of today. Hewett explains what motivates and influences practitioners in the field and has written a paper on the BBC´s rehearsal space The Acton. Especially given that there is little existing literature at all on TVC let alone high quality academic material, Hewett’s work is very relevant and useful to my research area and the author, who teaches textual analysis at University of Salford, offers his expert unique insight, extensive independent archival research and practitioner interviews to present a body of work which is key to my research. Hewett has written about the Acton ‘Hilton’ and the changing patterns of television drama rehearsal (2013) and the change from studio realism to location realism in BBC television drama (2017). Both of these topics provide invaluable insight into my chosen research area.