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Why a blog?

The purpose of this blog is to illustrate examples of the primary research and literature review that I conducted for my dissertation on the social history of Television Centre and its connection to the local community, which I submitted to University of Salford as part of my first degree in May 2020. This blog also gives me as a researcher the opportunity to break-away from the academic constraints to pause for a moment and to reflect on the research process and the many experiences I have had that would normally go unreported. Here on this blog I will engage in an honest discussion of the highs and lows of being a researcher and I will document the first six months (phase 1) of my project that I spent researching TVC. Thousands of people worked at TVC for the 50 years it acted as BBC TV´s spiritual home and my aim (phase 2) is to record (video or audio) the stories of some of those and to publish the material here. For this new project contributions from as many people as possible is encouraged. Meanwhile, I am currently continuing my research with a Masters in Education Studies at University of Portsmouth. Please be aware that this blog will act as my personal reflective journal and whilst it is my aim to research the social history of TVC and those who worked there, I will be making a note from time-to-time of my own perceptions and opinions. As they seem to like saying in the biz nowadays: all opinions are my own and not of my employer or school.

Photo: walking along one of the many corridors inside the famous doughnut in my last visit to TVC before the first lockdown (February 2020)