Notes For Contributors

Below is a rough example of the notes, background information of the study and cover sheet that I sent to contributors. These notes were constantly evolving as I kept adding bits of my rational and thought process and deleting other bits.

Contributor notes, background info. and cover sheet 

7 April 2020 (v.2)

Dear Bob, 

Many thanks for your email and for offering to help with my research. Please see the notes below which explain how you can participate with the research. I've also enclosed an information sheet which outlines what I will do with your contribution, a consent form and the actual questionnaire.

Best wishes,

Stephen James Rimmer

School of Arts and Media,

University of Salford (MediaCity).

B4, Orange Tower, 

Salford Quays, 


M50 2HE


Notes for contributors:


Title of study: The Purpose and Use of Television Centre (TVC) 

Researcher: Stephen James Rimmer (

Supervisor: Doctor Hewett

Location: University of Salford (MediaCity)

Many thanks in advance for offering to help with my research on TVC. All contributions are much appreciated. As is explained in the Information Sheet, you have been invited to contribute to my research either because you worked at TVC or have a close connection to it. In line with the University of Salford's ethical guidelines, I need to send to every participant an information sheet, a consent form and the questionnaire for completion. Contributors are asked to electronically sign (type name) the consent form and to send it back with the completed questionnaire. I've been working on the questions with my supervisor to ensure that they are neither too broad nor too vague. Everyone gets the same questions, so any which are irrelevant to your experience can be ignored.