The Data

Over a period of two weeks I managed to get replies from over 30 respondents. This may not seem very much, but given the relatively small-scale nature of my study, it was sufficient. The high quality of the data collected meant that I was able to process most of it and use it in my research. I once again thank everyone for the time and effort that went into giving such detailed responses. In summary, I would say respondents have really enjoyed sharing their memories from TVC and that whilst there are some who clearly still feel anger at what has become of the complex, overall the exercise was a positive and cathartic one. I know that some were happy to go on the record with their strength of feeling whilst others wanted to remain anonymous. From my point of view, I was happy either way as ultimately I just wanted honest answers. I would like to publish more of the data that I collected at some point and I know many respondents were and continue to be curious about what former colleagues have said.